2019 Highlights

Mar 2019: Ariana Grande strikes back at ‘greedy’ photographers with Full Copyright grab agreement for photographers accredited to photographer her on her current concert tour.

May 2019: Singer Ariana Grande sued for posting photos of herself on Instagram

Jul 2019:  The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Inc vs Lynn Goldsmith. The Andy Warhol estate counter-sues after being sued by photographer Lynn Goldsmith over her photograph of the recording artist Prince was used as the source image for a series of silk-screen prints by the late artist Andy Warhol. An interesting result on a derivative work from a photograph.

 Aug 2019: In the USA, photographer Jill Greenberg settles out of court, her claim for copyright infringement against advertising company Clorox for using the licensed images over and above what was originally agreed in the contract for the shoot.

Oct 2019: Justin Bieber Settles a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over using a Picture of Himself used on Instagram.

Nov 2019: Celebrated USA Photographer Harold Davis files suit against Pinterest Inc in San Francisco USA alleging that Pinterest wilfully violates his copyright and should not be protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) safe harbour provisions.  Pinterest is the website where users can ‘pin’ images copied from other social media websites to their own personal collection of images.

Dec 2019: Hilton Hotel in Instagram Photo Rights Grab

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