About me

This is the website of George Chin (www.georgechin.com).  If you are looking for George Chin Photography, you have arrived at the correct site. My archive of photographs is available for licensing and is located at:: www.iconicpix.com

Since 1979, I worked as a self-employed freelance photographer in the music business photographing bands and artists.  Having achieved all of my personal goals and a successful career in the process; I decided in 2014 on a career change, opting for a career in law.   I enrolled at the University of Law at Bloomsbury London and graduated with a Batchelor’s Degree – LL.B(Hons), followed by a Master’s Degree – LLM in Entertainment Law – from the University of Westminster in 2018.

This blog was conceived and created by myself using WordPress™ with the Twenty Twelve wordpress theme.  The aim is to focus on copyright law and contract issues relevant to professional photographers and visual artists; and will include other overlapping legal issues.

Disclaimer: This blog does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied on or quoted as an authority or source for definitive answers to legal problems.  Professional advice should at all times be sought from a solicitor or law firm specialising in the area of law covered.

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